Car park

The guys are making rapid progess with the car park which, now, becomes a crucial element in the re-opening plan. Unfortunately, the storage we need will take up to 4 months to get in place because of the standard COVID-19 excuse and that’s just too long to wait to get the pub open. So we’re going to need to use a bit of the car park for temporary storage, while we wait for a more permanent solution.

Car park sub-base is now complete

We still have a bit more to do but getting any form of adequate storage sorted out is a big step to re-opening.

Well done, guys — a good result from a few days’ work!

4 thoughts on “Car park

  1. Thanks for the update Biffo, we really do appreciate it!
    fingers crossed it wont be toooo long before we can enjoy the lovely delights of The Coach again 🙂

    • Thank you, Susie — that’s good to hear. Things have moved on a bit and we’re working towards a December opening date, when Boris says it’s okay. More soon.


  2. Hi Biffo, I noticed this morning that the pub sign appears to have been damaged. I hope that’s not a bad sign! 😁😁😁😁 I’m really are getting thirsty now! Steve Howe

    • Hi Steve,

      It’s definitely a bad sign, in both ways! Or a half-bad sign, I suppose, in one sense. However, it’s not a sign of anything bad with regard to getting The Coach back on the road.

      Thank you for pointing that out — it’s the side I don’t see so often. We will have to get that fixed: just one more job on the list.

      You’re not alone in your thirst. I know it’s a long, hard road but we will get there…

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